Making Molecules: Dot Structure
  • I designed the first version of this learning object that has garnered the 1st place - Crystal Award, presented by AECT, Division of Distance Learning. (Congratulations to the design team members, as they are the co-recipients of this award.) 
  • This is a learning object that provides practice in building Lewis Dot Structures from atoms and ionic compounds from the component ions.
  • Together with other team members and the SME (faculty member), I published two peer-reviewed articles, based on our experience designing and developing this learning object:
    • Design case: Muljana, P. S., Selco, J., Feldman, R., Gaston, T., & Choi, B. (2020). When chemical bonding is perceived simple and interesting: The design and development of a learning object. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 11(3), 148-161. 
    • Evaluation report: Muljana, P. S., Selco, J. I. (2023), Evaluating the design and development of the "Making Molecules" simulation: Students' perceptions and recommendations. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2023(1), Article 1, 1-16. 
  • To access the updated version, visit